Good bazi chart

Its is often repented by the warrior or general. It is by all means aggressive and non-sentimental. In all of metaphysics studies, 7K is never good as it is the only star that has the potential of taking out Killing the DayMaster.

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Its call 7 Killing because it is order as number 7. For most of all reading if there is 7K in the chart it fist first be control before anything else since you want to preserve the DayMaster survival. They will execute every plan that they can get their chance on, no matter how remote the chances of success is going to be. It is more important to them to have tried than to actually succeed. If you try many times enough you be meet with success, its a number game to them. They are natural law breaker, they want to change the power to be, they want to take over the top spot.

Most corporation is controlled by a 7K, their take no prisoner policy ensure their continue success. A revolutionary at heart, natural ability to stand out during time of chaos and oppression.

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These people do not give face and are often determine. Once they make up their mind to do something there is seldom no turning back. As a tsunami or typhoon coming after you, their sheer force of destruction is unmatched. There is no discussion or bargaining, you have one choice which is to follow the flow. Its a slow conversion, basically it will used patient to wait for you to yield. Fire 7K to a Metal Daymaster — Intense level of destruction.

good bazi chart

It aim toward a total change, you will not recognized it after the transformation. Its especially needed for metal element to achieve usefulness, without tempered its a clump of useless ore. Its actually mere inconvenience, a delay to the inevitable. It does give more directed aggression, instead of destroying everything on its path.

You need to have 7K if you want to get thing done, but it need to be used with caution as it its a truly double edge sword.Since the introduction of the internet, people are now more connected than ever before. In the past, a letter may take weeks or months to reach another person in another country.

Today, it only require mere seconds. Since completing the course, it appears to me he is still attempting to seek guidance to determine if his chart is a special chart. In addition to that, historical forum threads indicated he has been attempting to understand why his career, marriage and wealth prospects are average.

I can relate to his frustration as Bazi study can be a frustrating exercise but yet satisfying when you able to get it right. Bazi can give us guidance and help us make decisions along our way in life. Our students have benefited a lot after learning from Master Alan.

However, this can only happen when you learn the correct method. If you have been into Bazi for a while and still got stuck, join us to acquire the right knowledge. If you are interested in this subject, start from the right footing with Baziconsult. Visit our class page. Today I want to talk a little about him and how his success was imprinted in his BaZi since the time he was born.

I think it is now timely to publish this blog post after sitting in the draft cabinet for so long. The answer is in the timing from the luck cycle and year. From the Bazi perspective why is going to be this Luck and This Year? Wood energy becomes very strong. This also weakens the strength of the useful God. Born 6 Mayam in the United Kingdom, never did he or his parents would know that he one day will be the Prime Minister of UK for 2 terms.

Was the story told on his day of birth? This is where BaZi Astrology triumph. However, some software would have had him born in the month of Bing Chen or the Fire Dragon.

The error happens because software uses mathematical algorithm to calculate. While cleaning up the page, I stumbled and old draft that has slipped my mind for more than one half years. The Korean Presidency has been in a series of scandal one after another.

Quick Pick Bazi Knowledge on Marriage (For Men)

Is it a cultural thing or was it due to the other factors? The most recent problem fell on to the first women president South Korea ever had.

Here is her BaZi Chart. President of South Korea why was she was embroiled in a scandal caused by her friend that lead to her impeachment.?

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On 6 AprilSouth Korean courts sentenced Park to 24 years in prison which was later increased to 25 years. Park is currently imprisoned at Seoul Detention Center. If one were to access her Bazi, one will see why she is able to hold the position of a president. With so many noble elements indicates very quickly she has a good Bazi. Thus true to the Chinese saying 1.Very often men hope to find a good wife while a lady would wanted the same. Traditionally and perhaps till today in most cultures which still practices, man are the head of the family.

Thus wife is always to follow husband. It is also reflected in Bazi the art of Chinese Astrology. Astrology or Bazi is one good tool to help identify what makes up a good or compatible wife based on ancient values. The method is very easy, just look for a lady spouse palace for one of these 3 gods which is the Direct Officer, Direct Wealth or a Direct Resource. You can view the below example. Under this theory, only Wu, Ji, Gui and Ren day masters.

Direct Resource. Finally if you could not find a DO or DW in the spouse, a direct resource will also work well.

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The reason is Resource star means comfortable and especially true when it is the Direct Resource. This could translate to the lady being pampered by the husband.

This is also a very rare formation since only 4 day master will ever have it. So with this you will have all the 10 day masters covered and once you know what is your day master, you can just look for the Day Pillar to pick up your girl as your future perfect wife.

I wish life is just that simple and plain. Marriage Bazi is about compatibility between 2 charts. When I say chart, it means the entire Bazi Chart or 4 Pillars. View all posts by Real Feng Shui Master. Direct Officer. Direct officer in the study of 10 Gods is also known as the husband star thus it is desirable to have it in the spouse palace so the marriage is supposed to be good. If you do not have a DO, a wealth star is also usable according to this method. Avril Lavigne Bazi has DR in the spouse palace So with this you will have all the 10 day masters covered and once you know what is your day master, you can just look for the Day Pillar to pick up your girl as your future perfect wife.

Share this: Share Facebook Email Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Published by Real Feng Shui Master. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.The following are the explanations of the effects of the above-mentioned stars.

When these stars appear in the animal earthly branches in your Bazi chart, luck pillars or years, you will experience the effects of the respective stars. Nobleman Star A person with the Nobleman Star is intelligent, and will get a lot of assistance from people around him. Academic Star A person with the Academic Star is intelligent, and will enjoy tremendous academic success.

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Sword Star A person with the Sword Star is strong-willed, and will help the weak to fight the powerful. Peach Blossom Star A person with the Peach Blossom Star is attractive, sexy, seductive and exhibits strong sexual desires. This person also enjoys good social standing.

good bazi chart

General Star This Star symbolizes Wealth, Prosperity, and the probability of a good political career. Talent Star Star of Arts This Star symbolizes unique ideas, talent, skill, art, music, design and aesthetics of a talented person.

Also can mean smart, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, knowledge, psychic nature. Life can live up to its highest potential to reach the goal. There is also a tendency towards being a loner, a monk or a hermit. Travelling Horse Star This is a good Star, symbolizing overseas working opportunities, travel and migration.

However, it has the tendency to destroy other good stars, and aggravate the influence of bad stars. Robbing Star This Star symbolizes as person who is sharp and smart if it is a favorable Star.

On the other hand, if it is unfavorable, it implies being robbed, though not necessarily in the literal sense. Death Star This Star symbolizes as person who has courage and ability in planning if it is a favorable Star. Solitary Star A person with the solitary star will usually prefer to have time alone to themselves or they may be forced to spend time alone due to their chosen path in life or the loss of their loved ones.

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Click here for more information on our Personal Bazi Consultation services. Thus, it is important to analyze these stars with the entire Bazi chart as its effects will vary depending on whether the star is appearing as a favourable or unfavourable factor.If you landed on this page from Google, what I can tell you immediately is that no legitimate BaZi consultant will do readings for free.

This sample report is not a representation of what my consultations look or feel like. The purpose of this page is to let you appreciate and understand what a BaZi report should have and how you can get the most out of it. Your report will consists of three main parts: 1 A breakdown of your natal chart 2 Description of your Elemental Phases 3 Addressing your specific questions. I will analyze your natal chart because this represents who you are, your starting point and what you are naturally imbued with.

It represents your growth, external influences and environment. Addressing your questions and what you wish to look out for would be impossible if we did not get the first two steps right, so this will come at the last portion of your report.

How To Read Your BaZi Chart: Astrology, Destiny and Spirituality

I do not focus solely on BaZi during my consultations. You do not have to pay separately for them. We are all born different, with different families, talents, flaws.

Your Elemental Phases are are critical part of the chart. We always look at the Year phases first before looking at the Annual Phases.

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Depending on whether your Elemental Phases are on your side or against you, I will be able to tell how your life progresses and whether your environment is against you or on your side. This is where you get your questions answered. The quality of your questions are important, so think through them well.

The kind of question you ask also says a lot about you. Please remember that. We can chit chat about other stuff once everything is over. I do end up with friends with some of my clients although rarely. Below is just an example.

I regularly change and improve how I draft the reports to make it easier for the client to understand.Some people do not see any improvements in their life despite applying the correct Feng Shui rules.

Others require a longer time to for Feng Shui to start working, sometimes taking months to years to see just a little bit of improvement.

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The changes are faster, more powerful, and long lasting. Then, I will tell you what Bazi is, where it came from, and why it can be applied to get better Feng Shui results.

good bazi chart

Feng Shui, in its classical Yang form, is a body of methods to harness the Chi of the environment and uses it to benefit people living or using a place. Here we need to differentiate what can be a good environment, a good layout and finally a good place for the people.

For example, the old forests of China that are kept for their beneficial Chi are a good environment to live nearby. A house build with a facing that takes advantage of such Chi, and which also has an internal layout that respects important Feng Shui rules on central axis, Northwest sector, stove and water exit can have a good Feng Shui layout. However, some people might still NOT benefit from living there, and this is due to the issue of connecting the place to the people using it.

These methods separate people in two groups. One is the West group that favors facing a West direction and a master bedroom in a West sector.

Such directions and sectors are Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and West. The reverse group favors places with an East type of facing and bedroom allocation, which are North, East, Southeast and South.

Other rules on placement of the bathroom, kitchen and working space are used based on those two groups. There are different calculations possible, but all of them are based on the Chinese year of birth and the gender of the person. It is akin to saying that we are made of male and female, and then we can be Caucasian, Asian, Black etc.

Sure, such information define some aspects of who you are. However, it begs the question: when I tell you that you are a Black woman or an Asian man, do I have an accurate representation of who you are? Do I know your health, staple food, musical tastes, genetics, and so on? Not really. The Kua is a useful but superficial way of describing what works for you.I wish to clarify, here and now, that that is not true. Some charts can be so bad that a practitioner will immediately know this is going to be a life of pain and suffering.

I say it as it is because I really wish to drive a certain point across, and really let my readers see things from a different perspective. I want to orient everyone a little first and talk about why I wish to write this post. I understand some practitioners out there will always put a positive spin to things and will promise you the stars and infinite possibilities after you get a chart reading.

There are world-famous practitioners who claimed that there is no such thing as a bad chart, which I categorically disagree with. As a practitioner myself, I genuinely feel there are certain things that need to be addressed because the state of Chinese metaphysics is spiralling out of control because of the need to sell, sell, and sell.

That being said, they are also what I feel are the necessary catalyst to real, long-lasting change. I guess life sucks and you die? You guys get my point right? In fact, there are so many Chinese classics on metaphysics that keep stressing about personal cultivation so that we can transcend our charts. In the eyes of metaphysics, there are definitely charts of different qualities.

This is a fact, in fact, these are lawsand there is no such thing as subjectivity when it comes to this. There are a Yin and Yang to everything; there is always a duality or dichotomy to things.

That applies to humans as well. You will find a lot of modern-day books on BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu that focus on what makes a chart worthy of wealth and nobility. How about the flip side then? No one wants to pick up a book just to find out their chart falls into this category.

Selling hope is easier and more profitable. This is just life and hard truths. It sounds morbid, yes, but at the same time, it makes success much sweeter should you choose to attain it. BaZi is not everything. It represents nature but it does not take into account nurture and what we can do about it. So you might be asking, what happens if I have a low-quality chart? Before I get to that, perhaps let me break down charts into 4 major categories before I talk about the difference between a good and bad chart.

Please note that this is an over-simplification of things and its to introduce some basic concepts to newcomers. Please just remember this is a very broad categorization, and within each category has its own spectrum of assessing chart qualities too. Imagine the Category 1 chart of all Category 1s where they are the best of the best; and Category 4 chart of all Category 4s which are the worst of the worst.

You never, ever decipher a chart without looking at both of them at the same time.

good bazi chart

We can roughly break down the chart categories as such:. BaZi charts in category 1 and category 2 stand the most chance at success because their luck phases are on their side.

Your natal chart as referring to your inner world, the talents you are born with and your character. Your Luck Pillars or Elemental Phases describe the changing environment around you and how you interact with it.

These two aspects will interact with each other and paint a story of how your life will unfold. The fact that these two terms exist means Chinese metaphysics was never about predeterminism. Please pay close attention to what I just said: Your luck phases describe how you interact with the world around you. In other words, it refers to your attitude and how you deal with things as well.

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